rtbu_logo7 August 2014

A motion was passed unanimously by the RTBU (Victoria) Rail Division Committee of Management last Thursday 7 August.

The RTBU stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people at this crucial time. The RTBU Victoria Rail Division:

  1. Joins with the International Transport Workers Federation in condemning the strikes by the Israeli military into Gaza. As the ITF points out: “This is done in the full knowledge that there will be horrendous civilian casualties”. So far Israel’s attacks have killed over 1,800 people, the vast majority of them civilians, including at least 400 children. Critical infrastructure including power, water and hospitals has been deliberately targeted. In just one example, the al-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital, a long term project of Australian unionists through Union Aid Abroad (APHEDA), has been totally destroyed by the Israeli military.
  2. Condemns Israel’s 7 year siege on Gaza which prevents freedom of movement of for citizens and limits urgently needed medical supplies and other resources necessary for a basic standard of living.
  3. Condemns the Australian Government’s complicity in this crime, through the arms trade and diplomatic support – for instance the statements of Education minister Christopher Pyne that Israel is a “beacon of freedom and democracy” even while Israel’s military shells schools and hospitals.
  4. The RTBU regards Israel’s actions in Gaza war crimes.

To that end, the Victoria Rail Division RTBU will:

  1. Join the VTHC in endorsing rallies to oppose Israel’s attack on Gaza, including the upcoming demonstration on Saturday the 9th of August.
  2. Takes up the call of VTHC to publicise our support for the upcoming demonstrations to our members.
  3. Advertise the upcoming demonstrations through our delegate networks and email lists.
  4. Donate $300 to the ITF Gaza fund and/or the ACTU’s APHEDA Gaza emergency fund.
  5. That the RTBU Rail Division signs the ACTU petition in support of Palestine.

Moved: Kath Larkin (Flinders Street Station Delegate/Women’s Officer)
Seconded: Victor Moore (Broadmedows Delegate/International Officer)