asu_victas_logo7 August 2014

A motion was passed by the Australian Services Union Victoria & Tasmanian Authorities & Services Branch, Metro Delegates Committee for Social & Community Services on 7 August.

Australian Services Union motion in support of Palestine passed at today’s ASU SACS Metro Delegates Committee:


  1. Strongly condemn Israel’s latest attack on the Gaza Strip which has resulted in over 1800 deaths, 85% of whom are estimated to be civilian. We condemn Israel’s bombing of medical facilities, schools, mosques, United Nations schools and compounds and thousands of houses in Palestine.
  2. Call on Israel to end the siege of Gaza, end the occupation of Palestinian territory and to allow the return of Palestinian refugees.
  3. Accept the call from over 170 Palestinian civil society organisations and the Palestinian trade union movement to abide by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign directed at the Israeli government, similar to actions which successfully isolated the former Apartheid regime in South Africa.
  4. Condemn the Australian government’s silence and complicity regarding the war on Gaza and we call on the Australian government to break military ties with Israel.
  5. Support the upcoming protest against the attacks on Gaza which is being held on the 9th of August outside the State Library of Victoria at 1pm and call on the ASU to support the protest (and any related protests) through attendance and publicity.
  6. Direct the ASU to publish this motion on their website, Facebook page and in a newsletter directed to members and to provide information to members about the BDS campaign.