Exploited and Essential: Palestinian Labour under Covid-19

In this flash report, Who Profits examines the unique impact of Covid-19 and associated Israeli policies on Palestinian workers employed within the Green Line and the illegal settlements.

Palestinian Workers Are Bearing the Brunt of the Pandemic

Palestinian workers play a vital role in Israel’s economy, but they’ve been left exposed to the danger of COVID-19 without any support from the Israeli authorities or their own leaders. The pandemic has exposed the harsh realities of life for workers under Israeli occupation.

High Court rejects petition to compensate Palestinian workers hit by crisis

Judges make unanimous decision in labor case on Palestinian workers who lost wages due to pandemic, lockdown; Palestinians working in Israel are not covered by national insurance

WAC-MAAN: Hotline for East Jerusalem workers and jobless during the Coronavirus shutdown

WAC-MAAN launched an Arabic-language emergency hotline, providing assistance and counseling to Corona victims regarding their employment and Social Security.

Coronavirus ‘Disaster’ at Israeli Factory Prompts Policy Revamp on Palestinian Workers

'I don't understand why I'm good enough to work in Israel but not good enough for the Israelis to test me,' says one worker in a Jerusalem area chicken factory, which Palestinians point to as the source of West Bank coronavirus outbreak

WAC MAAN and Kav LaOved petition Payment Department to stop irregularities in deductions from Palestinians employed in Israel

Petition to Israel’s National Labor Court against discriminatory practices by the Payment Department with regard to the deduction of membership dues and service fees from the salaries of Palestinian workers in Israel.

The Sacred Task of Preventing Palestinians From Reaching Work

Since 2016 Israel has been revoking entry permits of people whose surnames are identical to those of Palestinian assailants. It’s called deterrence

Former IDF Officers Take Action Against Corrupt Trade in Palestinians’ Work Permits

System of profiteering in permits currently forces Palestinians to pay thousands of shekels to work in Israel