The Occupation of Labour: Palestinian workers employed in Israel

Video from Kav LaOved on Palestinian workers employed in Israel

The Blood of Construction Workers Is on the Hands of the Israeli Government

Since last June, 34 people have died in work accidents in the building and infrastructure industries – an increase of 55 percent over the parallel period of the previous year. 

Thousands of Gazans Working in Israel Lack Social Benefits

Special permits given to Gazan laborers don't include social benefits, unlike permits for workers from the West Bank. In an accident, no one will compensate them, says a representing lawyer.

The Great Exploitation: Palestinians Forced to Pay Huge Sums to Work in Israel

Under the current system, tens of thousands of Palestinian workers are each forced to pay 2,500 shekels (US$780) a month for a work permit in Israel. The money is divvied up between a Palestinian middleman and an Israeli contractor

Position Paper: Give “green cards” to Palestinian workers

This position paper calls for a radical change in the “permit regime” for Palestinian workers in Israel.

Stop the Illegal Trade in Palestinian Work Permits

There is an entire industry based on an illegal trade in government-issued permits that are not supposed to cost money.

It Pays More to Be a Plasterer Than a Physician When You’re a Palestinian

Manual laborers working in Israel earn more than someone with a graduate degree in chemistry in the occupied territories. A reform to improve Palestinian workers’ lot has failed.

Israel’s Violations of Palestinian Workers’ Rights: COVID-19 and Systemic Abuse

The Israeli regime has been systematically violating the rights of Palestinian workers in Israel and its illegal settlements since 1967. How have these violations been exacerbated since the COVID-19 pandemic? This article examines Israel’s ongoing abuses of Palestinian workers’ labour and human rights.