About us

AUSPalestine: Australian Unionists Supporting Palestine

AUSPalestine represents Australian workers united for peace and justice for Palestine.

AUSPalestine is an independent network of Australian trade unions and unionists not aligned with the Palestinian National Authority, any other government or political party in the Middle East or Australia, nor any religious current.

AUSPalestine works in the Australian trade union movement to inform, educate and advocate for the rights of our fellow Palestinian workers and unions for:

  • Freedom and independence for the Palestinians
  • Workers’ rights and decent work for Palestinian workers
  • The Right of Return for Palestinian refugees

AUSPalestine encourages you to view and sign on to our statement of solidarity with our friends in Palestine and Israel who are working for Palestinian rights.


Support the Palestinian people in struggle:

  • Against the siege and attacks on Gaza
  • To tear down the Separation Wall and open the borders within Palestine and between the Occuped Palestinian Territories and Jordan and Egypt
  • For release of the all the elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and all the political prisoners in Israel
  • Against the occupation of – and illegal Israeli settlements & roads in – East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan Heights
  • For equal social and political rights of everyone living within Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • For a just solution for all the refugees
  • For democratic elections by all Palestinians of a representative and accountable national leadership
  • For a fully sovereign and independent democratic secular Palestinian state
  • For a Middle East region free of all weapons of mass destruction
  • For decent work, sustainable jobs and livelihoods for Palestinians
  • For strong, independent and democratic Palestinian trade unions
  • For workers’ rights and democratic rights throughout the Middle East/West Asia


  • Develop and promote pro-Palestinian policies for Australian unions, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and regional Labor Councils in Australia
  • Assist Australian unions to advocate for pro-Palestinian policies at the ITUC and Global Union Federation levels
  • Support democratic trade unions and organisations of Palestinian workers
  • Organise speakers from Palestinian trade unions and workers to visit Australia
  • Organise further Australian trade union delegations to the Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Support Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA (the ACTU’s international humanitarian agency) projects with Palestinians
  • Work with community coalitions to support mobilisations for peace and justice in Middle East
  • Work with community and significant civil society organisations to lobby for pro-Palestine policies by the government, progressive Australian political parties, members of parliament and local councils
  • Strategise support by specific unions for the international campaign of Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions including investigating: Australia-Israel arms trade; general Australia-Israel trade; companies operating in Australia which provide significant support to the Occupation; industry superannuation funds’ investments, etc.
  • Provide resources to unions to educate workers and union members against prejudice against people with Middle East ancestry, Arabs, Jews, Christians and Muslims
  • Help promote the cause of Palestinian freedom in working class events such as May Day
  • Exchange experiences and ideas with other labour committees on Palestine around the world