New ITUC report on Palestinian workers in Israel and the settlements

A new report released by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has revealed the scandalous exploitation of Palestinian workers who work inside Israel and in the illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

Exploited and Essential: Palestinian Labour under Covid-19

In this flash report, Who Profits examines the unique impact of Covid-19 and associated Israeli policies on Palestinian workers employed within the Green Line and the illegal settlements.

WAC-MAAN – A decade of organising Palestinian workers in the West Bank settlements

The independent trade union centre WAC-MAAN releases a comprehensive report summarising ten years of struggle to organise Palestinian workers in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On the brink again, says ILO

The situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Annual report to the 2019 International Labour Conference.

Kav LaOved: The Occupation of Labour – Palestinian Employment in Israel

This report describes the employment model of Palestinian construction sector workers in Israel.

ILO: Labour market transitions for youth

This report presents the highlights of the 2015 School-to-work Transition Survey (SWTS) run together with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics within the framework of the ILO Work4Youth Project.

Kav LaOved: Israeli Employers in the Occupied Territories

Non-Enforcement of the Law on Israeli Employers in the Occupied Territories: A selective list of Israeli companies violating Palestinian workers' rights

Who Profits: Palestinian Workers in Settlements

Israeli employers of Palestinians in settlements have a clear economic interest in maintaining the occupation of Palestinian land and the exploitation of resources.