Justice for Palestine – a report by UK Trades Union Congress

Palestine is one of the worst countries in the world to be a worker. This report sets out TUC policy and the evidence base in support of Palestinian workers’ rights.

To protect rights, Palestinian workers to get Israel permits untied to employers

Reform of current system, which has led to illegal trade in permits, to take effect in December; the policy change will only apply to the construction sector, where most work.

Palestinian workers: Caught between military occupation and unemployment

“The Palestinian labour market continues to present a grim picture. Unemployment is rampant and protection failing. Stifled by occupation, it can meet neither the needs nor the aspirations of the Palestinian people.” - Guy Ryder, ITUC Director-General

ITUC: Recognition and corporate accountability key to Palestinian workers’ rights

On International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the ITUC calls on the international community to redouble efforts to achieve a two state solution, based on United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 and the pre-1967 borders – with East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state.

In a first, British trade unions commit to challenging Israeli ‘apartheid’

The TUC decision could make a significant contribution to the building of the international solidarity movement and encouraging unions worldwide to play a major role in the campaign as they did in the campaign against Apartheid in South Africa.

UK union congress passes motion opposing Israel’s annexation plans

"Congress stands united in its full opposition to the Israeli government’s declared intention to annex great swathes of the West Bank, a move that is illegal under international law and... will be another significant step in the creation of a system of apartheid."

Union support for Palestinian refugees in Beirut

An interview with Ken Davis from Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA about Australian union support to Palestine refugees in Lebanon following the Beirut explosion.