Palestinian child labour – new report

'Ripe for Abuse: Palestinian Child Labor in Israeli Agricultural Settlements in the West Bank' Report from Human Rights Watch, April 2015 Out of school, doing risky work for low pay (Jerusalem) – Israeli settlement farms in the West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest, and pack agricultural produce, much of it for … Continue reading Palestinian child labour – new report

Behind the scourge of child labour in Palestine

21 February 2014, from Gulf News New law that indicts employers of children will be imposed shortly in Palestine Ramallah: When children of his age go to school, thirteen-year-old Karim wakes up every morning and gets ready to go to work. He goes to market place daily and brings a trolley to help shoppers load … Continue reading Behind the scourge of child labour in Palestine

Poverty wages and child labour in the settlement of Beit Ha’Arava

2 May 2014, from Corporate Watch Poverty wages and child labour in the settlement of Beit Ha’Arava: Conditions for settlement workers in the Jordan Valley – Part two By Tom Anderson and Therezia Cooper During January and February 2013 Corporate Watch conducted interviews with Palestinians who work in the illegal Israeli settlements in the Jordan … Continue reading Poverty wages and child labour in the settlement of Beit Ha’Arava

Child Labour in Palestine

7 April 2014, from World Policy Journal (Spring 2014 issue), by Matt Surrusco Palestine: Children Labouring ZBEIDAT, West Bank—The elec­tricity in the village went out for the third time on a warm July night. But the young men, some in their teens, didn’t want to stop playing cards. A few took out their mobile phones … Continue reading Child Labour in Palestine

Palestinian children work Israeli settlements

6 July 2013 | via Al Jazeera Some children reportedly earn just 25 per cent of the wage they are entitled to. Jordan Valley, occupied Palestinian territories - Small, frail bodies move systematically in the orchards, picking and cleaning fruit and vegetables, placing them into containers, before finally loading them onto trucks. Like clockwork, every … Continue reading Palestinian children work Israeli settlements