nteu_logo30 July 2014, from National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) Sydney University Branch

Motion to condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza

That this meeting of NTEU members of the Sydney University Branch:

  • strongly condemns Israel’s attack on the Gaza strip;
  • notes that the way for Israel to end rocket attacks is to end the siege and occupation of Palestinian territory;
  • draws particular attention to the wide ranging use of indiscriminate military force against civilians in Gaza by the Israeli military, which has so far resulted in hundreds of deaths, over half of which are women and children. Members also strongly condemn attacks on medical facilities such as the Israeli military’s attack on al-Wafa hospital in eastern Gaza City. The al-Wafa hospital receives funds from APHEDA, the union aid body, which is funded by member dues;
  • calls on the Australian government to break military ties with Israel;
  • affirms its support for political negotiations between democratically elected leaders in the Middle East to reduce violence, promote human rights and ensure compliance with international law in the region.

Passed 30/7/2014


Background to this statement:  On 7 July 2014, following a severe escalation in hostilities involving intense Israeli aerial and navy bombardment and Palestinian rocket firing, the Israeli Government launched a full-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip, titled Operation ‘Protective Edge’.