15 May 2009 (Norway): Norwegian unions support calls for international investigations of Gaza invasion & calls for divestment
Phosphorous was used against the population. This demands an international investigation. LO supports the demand that the United Nations appoint a commission to investigate possible violations of international humanitarian law or conventions.

27 January 2009 (Australia): Maritime Union delegates call for boycott of Israeli-registered vessels
A union delegates meeting of the Western Australia branch of the Maritime Union (MUA) makes the first call in Australia to boycott Israeli-registered vessels following the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

9 January 2009 (Belgium): Open letter from Belgian unions to Israeli Histadrut
Centrale Generale, the blue-collar union affiliated to the General Federation of Belgian Labour, writes an open letter to the Histadrut protesting the Israeli military offensive against Gaza.

8 January 2009 (Spain): Spanish unions demand end to Israeli aggression against Gaza
CCOO and UGT have signed a declaration signed by trade unions, political and social situation in condemning Israel’s military action in Gaza, require and demand its immediate end to the Spanish Government, political institutions of the EU and the UN to intervene to impose a ceasefire. [document in Spanish]

5 January 2009 (Greece): Strikes in Athens for Palestine
PAME is organizing a big strike and demonstrations in Greece on Wednesday January 7, 2009. The strike is held to show solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people and the main demand is the attacks of Israel against Gaza to stop immediately and the withdrawl of all Israeli troops from the Palestinian soil.