8 August 2021, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) [English / Arabic]

DATA*OPTWBGScf. Israel^cf. Aust.^Data
Labour force participation rate (15+yrs)43%46%38%62%65%#1
– (participation rate) Males68%73%59%65%70%
– (participation rate) Females17%17%17%58%60%
Unemployment rate26%17%45%4%6%#2
– (unemployment rate) Males23%14%39%4%7%
– (unemployment rate) Females42%28%64%4%6%
Youth unemployment rate (15-29yrs)39%26%62%8%^^14%^^#12
– (youth unempl.) Males33%21%56%8%^^15%^^
– (youth unempl.) Females61%47%79%8%^^13%^^
Place of work – Palestinian Territories86%81%100%#18
Place of work – Israel & Israeli settlements14%19%0
Work sector – Public sector21%16%36%#27
Work sector – Private sector61%63%57%
Work sector – Other3%2%7%
Work sector – Israel & Israeli settlements14%19%0
Trade Union membership20%15%35%28%**15%**#35
– (trade union membership) Males18%12%34%
– (trade union membership) Females31%27%43%
Child labour (aged 10-17yrs)3%4%1%#36

* Palestine data from Labour Force Survey, 2nd Quarter 2021 (Apr-Jun), Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. “OPT”: occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem). “WB”: West Bank. “GS”: Gaza Strip.
^ Comparative data for Israel and Australia sourced from International Labour Organisation (ILOSTAT, 2020).
^^ ILOSTAT (2020) database definition of “youth” as 15-24 years of age.

** ILOSTAT, 2016.