8 August 2020, Workers Bush Telegraph

Paradigm Shift interview with Ken Davis – a long-time unionist and social justice campaigner. Ken is a member of the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine in Sydney and works for Union Aid Abroad (APHEDA) projects in Palestine and Lebanon.

Here Ian Curr of Workers Bush Telegraph and Ken discuss how Australian unions attempt to assist civil society in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. These camps have been severely affected by Israeli occupation, Covid19 pandemic, the collapse of the Lebanese economy, the Syrian Civil War and now the explosion in Beirut.

Union Aid abroad has projects in Gaza, the West Bank and Beirut.

The interview raises an interesting question of how various governments including Australia USA and Israel attempt to separate Civil Society, for example union aid, from helping resistance groups like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. This and other groups are outlawed in Australia, for example, Hamas which governs Gaza.
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My big fear is that with already very bad economic situation, this explosion will cause even more hardship. Children and adults will become malnourished from the lack of food.

Dr Olfat Mahmoud, Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation, Beirut

Australian union support to Beirut

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is working with local long-term partner, the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation, to support community recovery efforts in Beirut. Your support is greatly appreciated.