30 April 2017, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

DATA*OPTWBGScf. Israel^cf. Aust.^
Labour force participation rate (15+yrs)46%46%46%64%65%
– (participation rate) Males 72%73%69%69%71%
– (participation rate) Females19%18%22%59%59%
Unemployment rate27%18%42%5%6%
– (unemployment rate) Males22%16%34%5%6%
– (unemployment rate) Females45%30%65%5%6%
Youth unemployment rate (15-24yrs)42%30%61%9%13%
– (youth unempl.) Males36%26%55%8%14%
– (youth unempl.) Females66%51%86%9%11%
Place of work – Palestinian Territories88%83%100%
Place of work – Israel & Israeli settlements12%17%0
Work sector – Public sector
Work sector – Private sector66%68%64%
Work sector – Other
Work sector – Israel & Israeli settlements12%17%0
Trade Union membership19%13%32%28%15%
– (trade union membership) Males18%12%31%
– (trade union membership) Females26%20%41%
Child labour (aged 10-17yrs)4%5%2%

* Palestine data from Labour Force Survey – Annual Report 2016, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. “OPT”: occupied Palestinian territory (West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem). “WB”: West Bank. “GS”: Gaza Strip.
^ Comparative data for Israel and Australia sourced from International Labour Organisation (ILOSTAT, 2016).

Labour force distribution by economic activity and location 2016 graph

Average daily wage by location and sector 2017 graph

Average daily wage by location and gender 2016 graph

Palestinian workers by contract type 2016 graph

Palestinian unemployment 2016 graph