July 2016, International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Labour market transitions of young men and women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Results of the 2015 school-to-work transition survey

This report presents the highlights of the 2015 School-to-work Transition Survey (SWTS) run together with the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics within the framework of the ILO Work4Youth Project. Results are compared to those of the first round (2013) and the analysis is updated and expanded to supplement the portrait of the youth labour market situation presented in the first survey report.

Main findings:

  • Still too many young people are not fully benefiting from the educational system.
  • Inactivity is the dominant economic activity status among young women, and the reasons for their inactivity differ from those of young men.
  • The youth labour market in the OPT is profoundly influenced by gender issues.
  • Youth unemployment in the OPT is among the highest in the region.
  • The overall unemployment rate is increasing in line with the level of completed education, but with diverging trends between males and females.
  • The majority of employed youth are working as wage or salaried workers, albeit under conditions of informality.
  • The majority of youth have not yet started their transition to work, or have started but not yet completed the transition.
  • The few youth who have completed their labour market transition are in stable jobs.
  • An important share of youth transit directly after education, and among those who do not, young women are largely disadvantaged.

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