Unions and community success in #BlockTheBoat

oakland-USA-congrats-blocktheboat#BlocktheBoat success in USA!

Successful joint actions of unions and community groups have declared victory after Israeli carrier cancels all ships to Oakland and Los Angeles ports in North America.

Workers of the local International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) honoured community picket lines and “sided with the community against US complicity in Israeli apartheid.”

28/10/2014: Block the Boat Declares Decisive Victory Over Apartheid Israel  [Arab Resource and Organising Centre]
Oakland has made history once again with another BDS victory for Palestine against the Israeli Zim shipping line. This latest round of organizing has been the most momentous and historic. Members of ILWU Local 10 informed Block the Boat organizers that the Zim Beijing which was headed to the Port of Oakland, has been re-routed to Russia to avoid disruptions at the SSA terminal. For the first time ever, an Israeli ship has been completely turned away before reaching its port of destination due to sustained overwhelming community organizing. >>read more

31/10/2014: Palestinian activists claim victory for ‘Block the Boat’ campaign [Middle East Eye]
Pro-Palestine activists in California’s San Francisco Bay Area declared a “decisive victory” on Tuesday after receiving news that an Israeli ship had redirected its course to Russia.  It was the first time that the Block the Boat campaign – which had planned to picket the Zim Beijing upon its arrival at the port of Oakland – had forced a ship to change its course entirely. >>read more

31/10/2014: Bay Area activists declare victory after Israeli carrier cancels all ships [Electronic Intifada]
On 28 October, San Francisco Bay Area activists organizing to block the unloading of Israeli shipping vessels declared their most significant victory yet: Israel’s Zim Integrated Shipping Services appears to have cancelled all future shipments to the Oakland Port. >>read more

31/10/2014: A Small Band of Activists is Humiliating an Israeli Shipping Giant [The Intercept]
Capping a series of victories by a modest band of pro-Palestinian activists, an Israel-based shipping company has re-routed a container ship from the Port of Oakland, where protestors had vowed to keep the ship from unloading, to an alternate destination in Russia. >>read more

01/11/2014: Bay Area Protesters Block Israeli Ship at Port of Oakland [The Post News Group, Oakland]
During the afternoon of Sunday, October 26, around 200 people marched from West Oakland BART station to the Port of Oakland to block the docking of a container ship from the Israeli-owned ZIM shipping company in protest against Israel’s ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip and occupation of the West Bank. The blockade was organized by the Block the Boat Coalition, with support from ILWU Local 10 members who respected the picket. >>read more

23/10/2014: Why we are blocking the boat [Mondoweiss]
Why we are blocking the boat. Because it’s time to disrupt Israeli business as usual.  It has been time since 1948.  And the summer of 2014 only served us a reminder to the world that the Palestinian struggle for liberation is calling on us to join them in their fight to end colonialism. >>read more

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