25 April 2014, Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU):

“COSATU joins the global progressive fraternity in expressing profound salutations and support for the unity processes of the fighting and oppressed Palestinian people. The historic agreement between Fatah and Hamas represents a milestone in the struggle to end Israeli apartheid, colonialism and the occupation of Palestine.

We equally support the decisive bid by Palestine to become a fully fledged member of the UN in order to participate and use the available avenues to intensify a global response to the apartheid carnage being systematically carried out by the Israeli colonial regime. The recent acts of vicious bombings and military raids in Gaza and other parts of Palestine confirms the determination of Israel to maintain its colonial, racist and brutal occupation and expansionist policies in the Middle east.

The world community of progressive people are called upon to unite and intensify the BDS movement against the apartheid state of Israel, support the genuine efforts of the Palestinian people for unity and dismiss the lies and falsehoods of Israel’s pity seeking pretentions, projecting itself as a victim of “terrorists”, which even the apartheid regime used often to portray Mandela and the ANC in that same vein, but at the same time, divert attention from the ugly reality of occupation, colonialism and apartheid.

In the face of such reality, the coming ITUC Congress in Berlin in a Month’s time is expected to refuse to side with the racist, colonial and apartheid practices of Israel or be an apologist of such international shame. It must join the international community of progressive humanity in calling things by their name in refusing to flirt or cover up for apartheid and colonialism.

Those who refuse to be part of this global movement are those who, even in the case of the struggle against colonialism and apartheid throughout Africa, they sided with their masters and those who benefitted from such evils, but were proven wrong by history and shall be again proven wrong this time.”

Bongani Masuku (International Relations Secretary), Congress of South African Trade Unions