ITUC Annual Trade Union Survey 2012

The 2012 International Trade Union Confederation’s Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights has been published on the ITUC website.  The annual survey provides important information about trade union rights in law, in practice and violations of those rights.

Palestine survey: The exercise of freedom of association remains very difficult for most Palestinian workers, especially in Gaza. One trade union leader was sacked during 2011, while the executive of another replaced.

Israel survey: The enforcement of labour law is weak and breaches of labour law are common. The right to strike is coupled with restrictions. There were several major strikes during the year. The use of court orders forcing workers back to work during a strike continued in 2011. Palestinian workers in Israel, even with permits, are sometimes deprived of their rights. Israeli minorities are sometimes subject to employment-related discrimination.

Access the ITUC Annual Survey on the AUSPalestine RESOURCES page.