Petition to Recognise Palestine

Dear friends,

In September this year, the United Nations will vote on the recognition of the State of Palestine. A public petition is urging the Australian Parliament to respond positively to this historic opportunity and recognise the state of Palestine.

Such recognition comes after many years of stalled peace talks. While Australian political parties pay lip-service to a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict through two states living in secure and recognised borders there seems to be little resolve to achieve this outcome on the ground. The move to have the UN recognise Palestine as a state is a potential circuit-breaker leading to a new framing of the peace process.

We encourage you to be involved in this initiative by circulating the Petition widely through your networks and gathering signatures. Make your voice heard in Parliament – sign the petition, speak to your Federal Member and encourage them to support the initiative. 

Click here to access the Petition and for more information about the campaign.

Thank you for your support,
Kim Sattler, Secretary, Unions ACT