Palestinian firefighters can risk their lives, but not receive their awards

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, has reported on the Israeli army refusing entry permits to Palestinian firefighters invited to receive awards for their part in fighting the recent Carmel forest fires in Israel.

Israeli officials on Tuesday canceled a ceremony planned to honor the Palestinian firemen who assisted in battling the Carmel fire last week, after a number of crew members were refused permits to cross the border… The Palestinian Authority said in response that it had sent its firefighters out of “humane responsibility” and could not understand why those who risked their lives were now refused entry into Israel.  “It’s not clear how the same firefighters who got permits to go out and help snuff the fire now are now refused permits to their honoring ceremony,” said the Palestinian Authority.

Read article in Haaretz, or see the AUSPalestine NEWS page.

AUSPalestine requests Australian union members and unions to stand in solidarity with our Palestinian colleagues and condemn the shameful actions of the Israeli army in denying these men their due recognition for their extraordinary selfless service to their Israeli colleagues.