The Sacred Task of Preventing Palestinians From Reaching Work

Since 2016 Israel has been revoking entry permits of people whose surnames are identical to those of Palestinian assailants. It’s called deterrence

Former IDF Officers Take Action Against Corrupt Trade in Palestinians’ Work Permits

System of profiteering in permits currently forces Palestinians to pay thousands of shekels to work in Israel

Israel’s Top Court Blasts State for Misuse of Palestinian Workers’ Sick Fund

High Court justices harshly criticized Monday the state's decision to return 218 million shekels ($63 million), accumulated in a fund designated for paying sick leave to legal Palestinian workers, to their Israeli employers.

Exploited and underpaid, Palestinian women are fighting back in the workplace

Subject to below minimum wage jobs, no pay slips, and arbitrary layoffs in Israeli settlements, Palestinian women under occupation are learning more about their rights and are beginning to unionize.

Even the Labor Union Doesn’t Care

With no deterrence and in the absence of a government, fatal accidents at construction sites continue to occur.

50 Palestinian workers in a food plant in Atarot Industrial Zone go on strike

The workers seek to negotiate a collective agreement guaranteeing a raise in salary and improved working conditions

Israel’s Top Court Bars State From Giving $62m in Sick Pay Owed to Palestinian Workers

The state recently decided to give the money to Israeli employers, although critics point out that there is no transparency in the way it's calculated

Exploitation and Profiteering: Palestinians Forced to Pay a Fortune to Work in Israel

The illegal trade in permits cost 20,000 workers $140 million last year, each paying up to around $7000. The profits go to brokers and employers