Strength in numbers

In the wake of international outcries over the grossly disproportionate Operation "Cast Lead" Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2008/2009, the unlawful killing of the 9 Turkish civilians on the Gaza aid flotilla in May 2010, the unending blockade of the Gaza Strip since June 2007, and relentless construction of illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, workers and … Continue reading Strength in numbers

Union actions continue

The list of unions worldwide showing their outrage at the recent Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla grows.  There have been calls for union actions, such as bans on unloading Israeli ships, and increasing support for the Palestinian BDS campaign. View the AUSPalestine NEWS page for union news from the past week.

Unions condemn Israeli action

The last 48 hours has seen an Israeli military attack on a humanitarian flotilla in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in reportedly 19 civilian deaths.  Many unions around the world have condemned the Israeli action. View the AUSPalestine NEWS page for a collection of international union statements.  If your union has made a statement on the event, … Continue reading Unions condemn Israeli action