WAC-MAAN combats settlement employers to improve conditions for Palestinian workers

On Dec. 18, 2018, Palestinian workers at NA Metal Industries, in the settlement of Mishor Adumim, declared a warning strike after the employer had refused to meet their basic demands.

Violent settlers’ assault on the Palestinian unionist Hatem Abu Ziadeh his wife & daughter

Hatem Abu Ziadeh, head of the workers’ committee at Zarfati Garage, along with his wife and young daughter, was assaulted on Saturday March 30 by a group of about 30 armed settlers at his family olive grove.

First-ever collective bargaining agreement signed in a West Bank settlement

For years, Palestinians toiling in the industrial zones of West Bank settlements have been subject to exploitation and denial of their rights. A collective agreement signed on February 14, 2017 proves that another way is possible.