16 August 2012 (South Africa): COSATU supports call for isolation of Israel as an apartheid state
The Congress of South African Trade Unions fully supports the position of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of discouraging relations with Israel. DIRCO’s position must be viewed in the context of the South African government’s continued support for the oppressed people of Palestine as well as policy that the ANC conference recently reaffirmed at Midrand. … South Africa should not be dictated by an Israeli lobby whose interests lie not with South Africa but with an Israeli regime, which continues to violate international law through its illegal occupation of Palestine. … As a post-apartheid country, we must not be scared to name apartheid when we see it, and to call on Israel to end its illegal occupation of Palestine.

16 August 2012 (South Africa): South Africa’s position on Israel commendable – SA Civil Society
South African civil society including COSATU, the SA Municipal Workers Union, SA Students Congress, Open Shuhada Street, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Coalition for a Free Palestine, BDS South Africa, Media Review Network and others welcome the Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s foreign policy towards Israel and the “discouragement” of trips to Apartheid Israel.

24 June 2012 (UK): Major UK trade union backs boycott of Histadrut
Last week Unison and the Fire Brigades Union took very different decisions on Palestine. Unison reiterated its commitment to suspend relations with the Israeli trade union federation Histadrut, and extended its support for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, supporting the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, resolving to brief its representatives dealing with pension fund investment and develop guidance to stop public service contracts being awarded to companies whose activities in the Occupied Territories breach the 4th Geneva Convention. The FBU narrowly accepted an Exec recommendation to reject proposals to suspend relations with the Histadrut, despite an email from Nablus firefighters calling on them to do so.

26 May 2012 (Sweden): Swedish Trade Union Confederation is makes resolution to boycott
The Swedish Trade Union Confederation supports the Palestinian trade union movement’s calls to boycott Israeli goods from occupied territories. However, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation does not at present advocate a general boycott of Israeli goods. The Swedish Trade Union Confederation shall also work to ensure that capital over which it has control is not invested in Israeli securities.

4 February 2012 (Palestine): Union condemns Israel extending journalist detention
The Palestinian journalists’ union condemned Israel’s decision to hold a Palestinian journalist in jail for a further three months, without pressing charges.



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