UK’s second largest trade union dumps HP

In a major victory for the Boycott HP campaign, the second largest British and Irish trade union, with 1.2 million members, Unite the Union, joined the campaign.

WAC-MAAN – A decade of organising Palestinian workers in the West Bank settlements

The independent trade union centre WAC-MAAN releases a comprehensive report summarising ten years of struggle to organise Palestinian workers in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On the brink again, says ILO

The situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories - Annual report to the 2019 International Labour Conference.

WAC-MAAN combats settlement employers to improve conditions for Palestinian workers

On Dec. 18, 2018, Palestinian workers at NA Metal Industries, in the settlement of Mishor Adumim, declared a warning strike after the employer had refused to meet their basic demands.

Israel Seeks to Increase Enforcement and Protection for Palestinian Workers in Israel

Palestinian workers’ labor rights are poorly enforced and their rights often deprived. New government inter-ministerial panel seeks to change that,

Rise in unemployment in Palestine in 2018

On the occasion of the International Workers' Day, president of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics presents the current status of the Palestinian labour force.

Israel’s Construction Accidents: Not Mishaps, but Negligence

Describing Yassin’s death as an accident is a distortion of the truth because an accident is an unexpected event, and nothing in Israel is more predictable than the death of construction workers.