April 2019, Scottish Trades Union Congress

Amended Resolution no. 107 – Stop Israel’s Repression of Gaza

Motion carried.

“That this Congress condemns the killing and wounding of hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), culminating in the terrible slaughter during May 2018.

“Congress believes these actions were far worse than a disproportionate over-reaction. They were the culmination of weeks of a systematic and deliberate policy of killing and maiming unarmed protestors and bystanders, some shot in the back and many of them children, who posed no threat to the border, or to those who fired the deadly shots.

“Congress also believes that the Israeli Government must be held to account for its flagrant disregard of international law and:

  • demands the immediate end to IDF attacks and the immediate lifting of the blockade of Gaza;
  • supports the self-determination of the Palestinian people and the right of the Palestinian people to protest in support of their rights;
  • reaffirms its support for the policy of boycotting Israeli goods produced in the occupied territories;
  • calls for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied territories;
  • supports the immediate establishment of a viable Palestinian State, to be recognised by the UK Government and other governments, and international bodies;
  • supports the Palestinian firefighters, trade unions, civil society organisations, and campaigners fighting for Palestinian rights;
  • continues to support the FBU’s proud longstanding record of practical solidarity with the Palestinian people in general, and Palestinian firefighters in particular, including visits, convoys, supplies and training; and
  • calls on the STUC General Council to continue to promote solidarity with Palestinian trade unions and calls on the Scottish Government and political parties in Scotland to fully support the campaign and demands outlined above.”

Source: Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), 122nd Congress, April 2019 (pp 85-86 of Congress decisions file)