asu_victas_logo 14 October 2014


The following motion was passed at the last Branch Executive meeting.

“That the ASU Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities & Services Branch:

  • Condemns Israel’s July and August disproportionate military war against the Palestinians in Gaza and the killing of over 1,800 people, mostly civilians. We call for the cessation of all military activities and attacks on civilians by all sides.
  • Supports the Victorian Trades Hall Council call to support the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against the state of Israel, similar to actions designed to isolate the former Apartheid regime of South Africa.
  • Calls for the complete lifting of the air, land and sea blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt.
  • Supports peaceful community protests in solidarity with the people of Palestine.
  • That the ASU condemn the Australian government’s silence and complicity regarding the war on Gaza and we call on the Australian government to break military ties with Israel.
  • That the ASU publish this motion on their website, Facebook page and in a newsletter directed to members and to provide information to members about the BDS Campaign.”

Moved: Pier Moro
Seconded: Barry Gough