cfmeu_c-g_victas21 August 2014, from CFMEU Construction & General Division Victoria Branch.

The CFMEU is helping establish a garden haven for the children of the Gaza Strip.

Respected humanitarian Moira Kelly AO visited the union’s Melbourne office today to explain the Global Gardens of Peace concept, and her plan to make life a little better for children growing up in the war-torn territory.

Of the 2,000 deaths caused by the recent bombardment of Gaza, at least 500 have been children.

Moira identified the need for somewhere people could escape the mayhem around them during a 2004 trip to bring children to Australia for medical care.

“I noticed there were no parks, no gardens, no greenery. Things that we take for granted.

“I visited the Australian war memorial that is maintained there. The grass was thick and the trees were abundant. It was like a haven and I thought, if you can do this for the dead, why can’t we do it for the living?”

Typically, Moira began looking for a solution and in 2007, 5000 square metres were set aside for the creation of a garden. Work has been delayed due to frequent outbreaks of war, but is now gearing up in earnest.

The CFMEU has committed to raising $20,000 for this great cause and we join Moira in wishing that soon the children of Gaza will have a safe garden to visit at all times.

To learn more or become a supporter visit Global Gardens of Peace.

The CFMEU is also assisting Moira locally in her work with disadvantaged children.