cfmeu_c-g_victas16 July 2014, from CFMEU Construction & General Division, Victoria-Tasmania Branch

Statement on current Israel-Palestine conflict by Shaun Reardon, CFMEU Assistant Secretary.

“For over 100 years, construction unions have played a central role in opposing injustice and defending the rights of the vulnerable.

It’s with great sadness that I watch the ongoing conflict and brutal imbalance of violence that marks the war between Palestine and Israel.

When I was last in Gaza, I enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of the Gazans on the one hand, and I witnessed the effects of ongoing physical and emotional trauma inflicted on them by the Israel Defence Force on the other.

When I see the current footage of Israel’s assault on the people of Gaza, I immediately think of the impact that this violence will have on their children and I’m thankful that my children have grown up free from these dangers.

The military imbalance between the people of Gaza and the Israeli Defence Force is shocking and the number of Palestinian deaths is criminal.

Having expressed my personal view, the CFMEU stands committed to working with any individual or organisation, in Israel and Palestine, who is committed to a just, equitable and safe future for everyone in Israel and Palestine.

On behalf of the CFMEU I extend a message of solidarity to our comrades in Palestine and Israel who share our desire for peace and justice.”

[Originally posted on CFMEU Victoria facebook page on 16 July 2014]


Background to this statement:  On 7 July 2014, following a severe escalation in hostilities involving intense Israeli aerial and navy bombardment and Palestinian rocket firing, the Israeli Government launched a full-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip, titled Operation ‘Protective Edge’.