11 September 2012 (UK): Moving motion 76 on Palestine solidarity – Communications Workers Union (CWU), UK

“For more than 5 years now, the Palestinian people living in the Gaza Strip have been subject to a siege by land, sea and air. …

There is no shortage of formal support for the lifting of the siege. That is the position of the UN – it is the position of the EU – it is the position of the diplomatic Quartet – it is the position of the US Government and it is the position of the UK Government.

Yet the siege remains. …

The Palestinians need action from their international supporters.

Motion 76 proposes that the TUC makes its modest contribution by sending a delegation to Gaza – in conjunction with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. A delegation will report on the up to date position and suggest what we can do.

This is one of the most urgent human rights issues in the world today. It demands our attention.

Our elementary commitment to solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza will be an aid in their daily struggle for the right to live.

I move.”

– Billy Hayes, General Secretary, CWU

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